Radon Safe LLC
PO Box 21273
Roanoke, VA 24018

Office :  (540) 265-0101
Toll Free : (866) 292-5208
Fax: (540) 904-6990

Email: radonsafellc@gmail.com

We provide community awareness seminars. Contact us for information.

Radon Safe LLC
Protecting Your Home and Your Family

Why Use Radon Safe?

Over 21,000 people die every year from radon related lung cancer.  At Radon Safe, we understand this health concern and take radon mitigation & testing very seriously.

Not all radon mitigation companies are the same.  We repair and replace many improperly installed systems every year.  Radon Safe will do the job right - the first time.

Radon Safe is a National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Certified mitigation and testing contractor and our systems are installed according to code. We are a Virginia Contractor and carry complete insurance coverage.

  • We have 30+ years of Engineering & Construction experience
  • We have 23 years of continuous operations and certification in radon mitigation and testing 
  • We have installed over 5,000 radon mitigation systems
Our installers are professional and courteous. We leave the work area cleaner than when we arrived! Our name is proudly displayed on every system and we stand behind our work 100%.  Warranties for our work automatically transfer when a home is sold.


“Radon Safe did an excellent job! They brought the radon to almost non-existent levels. We are very happy and satisfied with the job and the system’s performance”.  Michael W, Roanoke

“We were very nervous about having pipes on the outside of our home because the system we had put on the home we sold was so terrible and ugly.  The system Radon Safe installed is very inconspicuous and the workmanship is unbelievably great.  We are very pleased, fantastic job, can’t say enough good about Radon Safe”.  Robert W, Roanoke

“I think your work is very professional and done in a very timely manner.  I would not hesitate to use your company for any further work needed in the future and would be pleased to recommend your company.”  Ann L, Roanoke

“They were on time, very neat, cleaned up after themselves leaving absolutely no mess for me to clean up.  I would certainly recommend Radon Safe to anyone needing radon work done.”  Kathy A, Roanoke

“Very pleased. They do it right, very professional, neat, no mess to clean up.  From the bottom to the top they know what they are doing. Call me for a reference.”  Tim B, Moneta (realtor)

“I was very impressed with your services.  The guys were great and did a clean, quick, quality job.  It was a joy to meet them.  I emailed my realtor to express to him how impressed I was. I suggested to him that he should now refer all of his clients to you”. Joe, Radford
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